By the spring of 1981 London had become the exploding energy center of a brand new approach to making and releasing pop music. In the aftermath of "punk", "new wave", and "synth", the artists were rejecting the control of the major record companies,  starting their own labels, promoting and releasing the records themselves. Two American filmmakers, Steve Sattler and Desmond Horsfield, spent a whirlwind ten days shooting this amazing transformation, using a "Guerilla"  style of film making.

With artists like the original seven-piece "Thompson Twins" recording their early album "A Product Of", Epic Records' Tony Mansfield of "New Musik" on a promotional tour for "Straight Lines" and "The Papers" musically expressing their concerns about the policies of newly-elected President Ronald Reagan with "How Many More", they captured the essence of the London music scene in the early '80's.

Tom Bailey explains that all of their actions are "political" on a personal level.  "Manufactured Romance" talk about their struggle for recognition. "BIM" and "Rio and the Robots" perform driving dance beat numbers in crowded clubs as their fans "pogo".

Street interviews explain the fans' angle. "I don't want to get killed, don't want no war...and these bands are trying to stop it" or  "I just want to dance, because you don't want to get your head blown off, don't want no trouble"  and for the "New Romantic" kids on Kings Road, Chelsea, "I don't want to grow up...I just want to be Peter Pan". Legendary BBC and Capital Radio DJ, Rock Music author and historian "Charlie Gillett" explains how it all evolved and talks about why he started his company "Oval Records".

This re-digitalized "lost" film has many extras, including an insightful and sometimes humorous commentary by the filmmakers  about how the film came to be, as well as the re-released mini-documentary "On Our Side" made during the Thompson Twins'  first U.S. tour in 1984. Also some never seen-before footage and some "surprises". 


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Listen to London, the re-released 1981 film about the UK Post Punk Indy Rebellion: The Thompson Twins, Duran Duran, New Musik, BIM, Rio and the Robots, Stephen Street, Tony Mansfield, Oval Records, Charlie Gillett, New Wave, Techno Pop, Synth-Pop, New Romantics, Glam Rock, Indy Labelsí, interviews, history, never before seen footage.